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Sarel and I, presented a Macro Workshop for Nikon at Nikon House recently, and as always loved every minute of it! Macro photography has always been a firm favourite with photographers, novices and pro’s alike. Illustrating that it can be really easy and affordable on top of that, gives us such joy. I believe that it is for this reason that the McRofuzer  lies so close to our hearts.

I have pondered my own fascination with photographing little things and goggo’s and the “usually unseen” on many occasions? What is it in human nature (and my own) that makes Macro Photography so irresistible?

I suspect that in my case it is the sense of discovering something wonderful when you realize that there are hairs on bees or ants. Or perhaps the marvel that creation is spectacular and that we mostly do not stop for a few extra seconds to look or to actually really see. What adds to the experience for me is the actual “stopping”. I run too much, I am way too busy and even my photography has become about “how many shoots in a day” or “how quickly can we do this shoot?”. Macro in a sense affords me the luxury to just stop! To spend time on pondering exposure, how to sneak up on my subjects and how to light them. It challenges me to apply my skills and knowledge and to actually think about it. Ever noticed how aware you become of your breathing?

I love quoting Freeman Patterson: “Photography – both the craft and the art – helps me to be. It allows and enables me to live creatively, which is to honour Creation and my own existence.”

That is Macro Photography for me!

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