NEWS: Shared Sky Exhibition John Curtin Gallery, Perth Australia

It is common knowledge that the work we have done for SKA SA has been the high-light of the past year for Sarel and I. Not only the absolute privilege to be part of the biggest global scientific project of the decade, but also the opportunity to so freely express our creativity in an environment few get to see. This opportunity culminated in some really awesome images, which have been published locally, as well as internationally. 

We were also commissioned by SKA Organization to produce a composite image of the South African and Australian sites depicting the various antennae under the Milky Way. The final image was printed 18m wide and together with some of our time-lapses, was exhibited as part of the Shared Sky Exhibition in Perth Australia. Although we were not lucky enough to attend the exhibition, we found these links on the net. – sky – sky
“Shared Sky 
1 October – 2 November, 2014Shared Sky brings together Australian and South African artists in a collaborative exhibition celebrating humanity’s ancient cultural wisdom, alongside one of the world’s greatest scientific and engineering endeavours: the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) radio telescope project.

Yamaji and other Aboriginal artists from the mid-west region of Western Australia and African artists of San descent and others from the central Karoo region of South Africa’s Northern and Eastern Cape have created artworks in response to ancestral stories about the night sky – a sky they both share as it appears above their traditional homelands. On both continents this land has nurtured ancient traditions that live on in the spirit of Indigenous artists working in community based art centers today.These sparsely populated and remote areas were specifically chosen for their radio-quietness and relative emptiness, making them the perfect sites to co-develop the Square Kilometer Array – the world’s largest radio telescope – itself a collaboration between governments, scientists and engineers from around the world.

Shared Sky Exhibition – Perth Australia

Shared Sky is proudly presented by the John Curtin Gallery in association with: the international SKA Organisation; SKA-South Africa; SKA-Australia; Yamaji Art Centre, Geraldton, Australia and the First People Centre, Bethesda Arts Centre, Nieu Bethesda, South Africa.”

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