BLOG: Colour

“But I see your true colors
Shining through
I see your true colors
And that’s why I love you
So don’t be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful,
Like a rainbow”

Lyrics: True colors – Cindy Lauper

Those of you who have been reading my recent blogs or have listened to me going on and on about visual design, the analysis of the design elements and also the potential symbolism of the elements would not be surprised by what follows:

Stripping subjects from their labels (See my blog on labels) left us with only the design elements of our two-dimensional medium for creative expression. These elements: shapes, lines, textures and perspective are accentuated not only by where we place them in our compositions, but also by the careful “management” of contrast – in exposure, but also in tone and hue (colour).

As photographers we should be aware of what our subject matter, how we represent it as well as how we express ourselves creatively through it, communicates on a conscious and sub-conscious level to the viewer. This is where the photographers vision and the design elements come together).  Alot has been written on the psychology of human visual response, but it is common knowledge that colour plays an important roll in how we respond to the other design elements.  Colour creates mood and can send or convey very important yet sub-conscious messages.

But, this all having been said, sometimes (more often than not) I really enjoy photographing colour as the subject of my image.  Those very simple images where all labels are gone and only the colour, the true colour, remains.

Here are symbolic qualities of some of the more uncommon colours:

Turquoise – is used in colour therapy to strengthen resilience to overcome negativity (physical, emotional and spiritual) and boost the immune system.

Indigo – associated with the right side of the brain, intuition and memory of our dreams.

Violet – denotes regal stature, priestly power, authority on high, highest truth and penitence.

Magenta – helps human to grow spiritually and is the colour of spiritual love.

Purple – is a psychic colour associated with the right side of the brain, therefor stimulating inspiration and imagination.

Silver – is cool and frequently refered to as the colour of the female moon and is perpetually changing.

Gold – is warm and associated with the male son.

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